Savage thoughts that rule my mind,
The madness curse is so unkind,
No cure for rancorous inclined,
Where fear and hell are intertwined.

Savage moods that wound my heart,
And pick the torrid lies apart,
For darkness is the path I chart,
The deepest hole is where I start.

Savage words that stomp my soul,
There is no mirth to fill this hole,
My innocence a burning coal,
Which convolutes this bitter role.

Savage doubts that wreck my dream,
I wonder how it all must seem,
To those possessing self esteem,
My life is but a fractured theme.

Savage rage that fuels my doom,
I’m thrust into a ghastly room,
That empties in a sea of gloom,
I’m drowned by the decaying fume.

Savage thoughts that are maligned,
My quest is to escape this bind,
But madness is a curse unkind,
So I will likely lose my mind.

© The Complicated Bunny – 18 Jul 2022