Abandon all hope,
Ye who enter my realm,
I lord over darkness,
Where souls overwhelm,
No joy for tomorrow,
Just pain for today,
Abandon ye hope,
And embrace the decay.

Abandon all peace,
Ye who enter my world,
Your life became mine,
When the madness unfurled,
Just chaos and drama,
And moods come to bear,
Abandon ye peace,
For there’s only despair.

Abandon all nerve,
Ye who enter my sphere,
I decimate courage,
And feed on your fear,
No goals for the future,
Just dreams up in flames,
Abandon ye nerve,
And demolish these games.

Abandon all thought,
Ye who enter my zone,
I favour destruction,
And anarchy blown,
No sanity lurking,
The depths of mankind,
Abandon ye thought,
And relinquish your mind.

Abandon all purpose,
Ye never will win,
Thy manic depression,
Is greater than sin,
I rule over darkness,
I long for decay,
Abandon ye hope,
For the pain of today.

© The Complicated Bunny – 26 Jul 2022