My mind is my asylum,
I am trapped within its walls,
It’s full of broken moments,
Which capitulate my falls,
There are no open windows,
Only cracks that show decay,
And if the light shines through,
It doesn’t last more than a day.

My heart is my asylum,
I am trapped within its beat,
Just floating in a ventricle,
No way to find my feet,
I drown beneath the surface,
As my lungs begin to flood,
I’m dying from the lack of hope,
Which permeates my blood.

My skin is my asylum,
I am trapped within its fold,
Reacting to each happenstance,
With rage and bitter cold,
I’m recklessly self conscious,
Every wrinkle duly spent,
To push away a world,
That drips with hideous lament.

My soul is my asylum,
I am trapped in its expanse,
So fractured is my fairytale,
It flattened true romance,
And dumped me into chaos,
No apologies at all,
I’d love to rise above it,
But the pain ignites my fall.

This world is my asylum,
I am trapped within its lies,
I thought I had the answers,
But my life is filled with spies,
Who celebrate my crazy,
And perpetuate the hoax,
That madness in society,
Is fodder for their jokes.

My mind is my asylum,
And I bounce within its walls,
My moods may not be mellow,
But they cushion deadly falls,
And I may never conquer,
Melancholic fuelled debate,
But you can keep your normal,
I prefer my crazy plate.

© The Complicated Bunny – 29 Jul 2022