It’s just no use there’s nothing left,
I’m scattered far awaiting death,
My mind feels like a wire cage,
Please help me mitigate this rage.

I’m falling damaged on the shelf,
My thoughts so ravaged by this wealth,
Of fear that stifles all I breathe,
Please help me free the wounds I bleed.

Nights are drawing in on me,
I’m trapped and can no longer see,
The light which shone on years gone by,
With broken wings you cannot fly.

The hope has left this wretched soul,
There is no joy to make me whole,
Abandoned with nothing to give,
I’m losing fast this will to live.

It’s just no use there’s nothing left,
My head insane, my heart bereft,
Both drowning in traumatic swell,
I’m scattered in a living hell.

© The Complicated Bunny – 14 Aug 2022

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