How Fast We Plummet

How fast we plummet yes indeed,
Breaking apart at rapid speed,
A heart and soul destined to bleed,
Which longs to be forever freed.

How fast the madness fills the mind,
My destiny now so inclined,
To drown amongst the dreaded kind,
That suffocate beneath the grind.

How fast a trigger brings decay,
I’m stalked at night like weakened prey,
With madness found I lost my way,
The colour drained and trapped in grey.

How fast emotion cripples time,
I spin upon a rusted dime,
And wonder what befalls my climb,
To live this life is such a crime.

How fast the crazy fills our soul,
I want the life this illness stole,
For growth is not a lovely stroll,
It’s peril searching for a role.

How fast we plummet yes indeed,
This world was never ours to bleed,
We break apart at rapid speed,
And long to be forever freed.

© The Complicated Bunny – 15 Aug 2022

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