Manic Panic

Manic panic wound so tight,
I feed on fear that haunts the night,
Where upside down becomes my plight,
And madness takes the reins full flight.

Manic panic full of need,
My wounds can only weep and bleed,
I flee but I am never freed,
Because the darkness plants it’s seed.

Manic panic too much pain,
I’m trapped beneath the constant bane,
That fuels the heartache of the sane,
And leaves them sodden in the rain.

Manic panic way too fast,
This life was meant to be a blast,
Instead the die was never cast,
And I was left to finish last.

Manic panic rays so bright,
The sun is an amazing sight,
Don’t fly too close you’ll catch alight,
And burn from your co-morbid plight.

Manic panic no one’s there,
I’m trapped behind a savage glare,
That hides a face of great despair,
They never said life would be fair.

Manic panic eyes that glaze,
You curse dissociated daze,
Inside your head the fires blaze,
And wait for anhedonic haze.

Manic panic wound too tight,
My mind is summoned by the night,
To try and solve my weary plight,
But life is just a bitter fight.

© The Complicated Bunny – 14 Sep 2022

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