Tethered To Sanity

I’m tethered to sanity,
Coming undone,
I long to feel joy,
But this life isn’t fun,
Trapped in a void,
Where my energy’s done,
I need to escape,
But there’s nowhere to run.

I’m tethered to sanity,
Moods hit and miss,
Just one choice away,
From destroying the bliss,
I travel the world,
Near immortal abyss,
I need to be free,
But my thoughts are remiss.

I’m tethered to sanity,
Snakes in the grass,
This illness is constantly,
Chewing my ass,
My spirit now broken,
Like decadent glass,
I need to choose hope,
But I’ve reached an impasse.

I’m tethered to sanity,
Madness my will,
Do I crawl up a mountain,
Or skip down a hill,
Will the efforts reward,
My emotional spill,
Yes I’m tethered but somehow,
Embracing the thrill.

© The Complicated Bunny – 14 Sep 2022

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