Another Planet’s Hell

There’s some who say this world,
Maybe another planet’s hell,
A place that screams injustice,
Where a necromancer’s spell,
Has fear denouncing happiness,
And hearts rejecting joy,
Where souls are weeping labyrinths,
Perplexed by evil’s ploy.

There’s some who say this world,
Is begging for a greater stage,
It’s nestled near oblivion,
It’s actors fraught with rage,
With chaos brimming all around,
And darkness that entombs,
Malevolence and tragedy,
Where hurt forever looms.

There’s some who say this world,
Was broken far too long ago,
As narcissism fills the cracks,
The fear and hatred grow,
It’s such a bane existence,
Lives divided by their spills,
A wasteland filled with malcontents,
That search for shallow thrills.

There’s some who say this world,
Is what annihilation brings,
A plane of self destruction,
Waiting patient in the wings,
To wipe out all the innocence,
That filters light throughout,
By heaving persecutions,
That this life could do without.

It might be true, this world maybe,
Another planet’s hell,
But I prefer to hold regard,
Where Nature chimes Her bell,
To summon all the goodness,
That exists ‘tween sky and ground,
For I will blaze Her trails,
Until all freedoms have been found.

© The Complicated Bunny – 20 Sep 2022

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