Toxic Positivity

It’s toxic positivity,
These platitudes they speak,
Designed to put themselves at ease,
And flabbergast the meek,
Another form of ridicule,
No empathy just gloat,
I swear if one more person chants,
I’ll punch them in the throat.

It’s toxic positivity,
We struggle not the same,
A thought, a quote, a notion,
Often driving me insane,
Dismissed for negativity,
Placated for my tries,
To hide behind a happy face,
Is nothing short of lies.

It’s toxic positivity,
In atmospheric tense,
‘Cause all these candied gratitudes,
Are just a wire fence,
Encasing false bravados,
Shaming truths that lie within,
Unless you face reality,
You’ll never truly win.

It’s toxic positivity,
These Pollyanna chides,
Unless you sensor feelings fraught,
The world around you hides,
We’re all in this together,
It will work out in the end,
But only if you’re silent,
When the platitudes extend.

It’s toxic positivity,
But I am not bemused,
I feel the way I feel,
And my resolve will not be fused,
With bitter sweet harmonics,
That upset my repartee,
Come running with your toxic joy,
And watch me aptly flee.

It’s toxic positivity,
These platitudes they speak,
To hide behind a happy mask,
Is surely for the weak,
We do not struggle equally,
My rage and anger free,
The pain that lies within my soul,
That makes me truly me.

© The Complicated Bunny – 21 Sep 2022

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