The Cuckoo’s Nest

The cuckoo’s nest is so sublime,
It fuels my captivating rhyme,
With intertwining highs and lows,
And manic muse that ebbs and flows,

It’s padded with a wealth of age,
That sublimates each turning page,
Illuminating thoughts within,
Still buried underneath my skin,

Like chapters of a torrid past,
Which act like sails upon a mast,
And steer me through the rugged tides,
Where vast adventure surely hides,

And beckons me to chase the light,
Releasing fears that of the night,
Do cripple with their silent rage,
And pledge this world a mortal stage,

But one in which my feet are ground,
And tuned towards a peaceful sound,
That rises from the water’s edge,
Caressing nature in its pledge,

To guarantee a better life,
That sheds this convoluted strife,
Immersing senses here and now,
Where harmony does take a bow,

And guides the hapless towards hope,
Where hearts align and spirits cope,
On nature’s trails where fear is best,
Tossed back inside the cuckoo’s nest.

© The Complicated Bunny – 26 Sep 2022

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