Med Dread

Can’t breathe, can’t think,
Feel as though I’m on the brink,
Take a pill, still not calm,
Fighting thoughts that do me harm.

Cold night, cold air,
Trapped within a hollow stare,
Want to fly, want to flee,
I hate the world for judging me.

Weary soul, weary head,
I’m not ashamed of wounds I’ve bled,
Lost in crazy, lost insane,
My words are all that will remain.

Can’t sleep, can’t blink,
I’m drowning but I cannot sink,
The side effects of life’s cruel game,
Are running through my wayward brain.

Chase joy, chase fun,
In dreams by chance I choose to run,
The roller coaster speeds ahead,
As meds regale their awful dread.

© The Complicated Bunny – 29 Sep 2022

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