I Had It Good

I had it good,
For eight whole weeks,
But as for now,
The black dog speaks,
It’s voice was tempered,
For a while,
But now it barks,
With festered bile.

I had it good,
My mood was smooth,
I thought I’d found,
My lifestyle groove,
But madness cuts,
Like razor blades,
I want to hide,
Beneath my shades.

I had it good,
Then drama struck,
I guess I’m just,
Plain out of luck,
This world was never,
Meant for me,
If hopes were mine,
I’d gladly flee.

I had it good,
Then anger grew,
It’s fight not flight,
My knuckles knew,
The only way,
To save my whole,
Is fight the hate,
That burns my soul.

I had it good,
But then I fell,
There is no heaven,
Only hell,
The echo of,
A heart that bleeds,
For wilted dreams,
That grew from weeds.

I had it good,
Then life blew up,
It’s acid rain,
That fills my cup,
The mess is left,
For me to clean,
This never ending,
Trauma scene.

I had it good,
But now I don’t,
I hope for will,
But live with won’t,
It lies in wait,
An awful pun,
I had it good,
But madness won.

© The Complicated Bunny – 06 Feb 2023