Engage The Rage

Why should I even give a shit,
When life is just hit after hit,
And conflict drips from every page,
Where madness howls, ‘engage the rage’.

Why bother making an attempt,
When years are swallowed by lament,
For wounds are just the wars we wage,
As ravaged minds, ‘engage the rage’.

Why should I even fight forlorn,
When hope is just a splintered thorn,
That burrows deep inside my cage,
While feelings yelp, ‘engage the rage’.

Why bother brawling for your voice,
As if they grant us any choice,
A whisper gathered on the stage,
Ignites the roar, ‘engage the rage’.

Why should I even build my dreams,
The cracks just rip apart the seams,
When darkness smothers sense and sage,
The chaos chants, ‘engage the rage’.

Why bother, well I’ll tell you why,
With broken wings you still must fly,
When life presents itself absurd,
Upstage your rage and flip the bird!

© The Complicated Bunny – 15 Feb 2023