It’s Gonna Be

It’s gonna be hard,
And you may crash and burn,
But sticking out necks,
Is the way that we learn,
So toss all your doubts,
Straight into the fray,
It’s gonna be hard,
‘Til you find your own way.

There’s gonna be pain,
On this struggle through life,
So brace for a punch,
As you barrel through strife,
No matter the trouble,
Keep holding your ground,
There’s gonna be pain,
‘Til the victories sound.

It’s gonna be tough,
There are days that will suck,
And moments you feel,
That your life has no luck,
But hang on to times,
When the golden hours greet,
It’s gonna be tough,
‘Til you’ve planted your feet.

There’s gonna be dark,
When you’re aching for light,
And trauma that forces,
A perilous flight,
But drama is fleeting,
And world’s come about,
There’s gonna be stress,
But the trails are your out.

It’s gonna be hard,
There’s gonna be pain,
But life is an acronym,
Make your own stain,
And forge through the dark,
With your battle worn zeal,
For the harder you charge,
The quicker you heal.

© The Complicated Bunny – 06 Mar 2023