I’m currently so overwhelmed,
I don’t know what to do,
Depression has me frozen,
And my thoughts are anxious stew,
I cannot move forward or back,
Nor side to side it seems,
The only motions I can make,
Are running in my dreams.

Running from the faceless ghost,
That haunts my every groove,
Hiding from the ones who would,
Oppress my every move,
Fighting for my freedom,
From a force without retreat,
Relentless in pursuit,
Of every suffering I meet.

I’m currently so overwhelmed,
I’m locked in battle blues,
No colours to surround me,
Just a depth of darkened hues,
The shadows are ferocious,
Gripping all that ails my soul,
Holding me to ransom,
As a hostage in this hole.

And when the night engulfs me,
Like a fear that knows no bounds,
And dissidence assaults me,
With no rules nor moral grounds,
I’m paralysed and cornered,
Too exhausted to defend,
I’m currently so overwhelmed,
My life feels at it’s end.

© The Complicated Bunny – 08 Mar 2023