My Roller Coaster

My roller coaster has no brakes,
The thrills are high, as are the stakes,
No seatbelts found to strap you in,
Just clench your teeth and let it spin,

Forwards, sideways, in between,
A game of chance is what you’ll glean,
Up and over tracks that curl,
Keep holding tight, try not to hurl,

For sullen chunks won’t solve your plight,
The coaster’s speed will drain your might,
The clang of steel and roaring pain,
Don’t lose your grip, you’re almost sane,

But not enough to kill the ride,
A thousand questions by your side,
Each digging in the mind’s rib cage,
They lie in wait for soul’s to rage,

But soul’s were meant to find some peace,
At fleeting times where rumblings cease,
My roller coaster bullet train,
Sits idly in my manic brain,

But mania needs motion now,
And so the cars begin to plough,
On tracks of concrete, stone and steel,
Enough to make enamel peel,

Right off your teeth for you to choke,
As air is tantamount to stroke,
But then the rush of H20,
Hits harder than a boxer’s blow,

Yes that’s my roller coaster true,
It pounds you till your face is blue,
No brakes or belts to hold you tight,
Just madness to propel your fright,

But when the crazy dissipates,
My coaster rolls up to the gates,
And locks itself where black dogs flee,
If only I could find the key.

© The Complicated Bunny – 20 Mar 2023