Analysis Paralysis

Have you ever felt,
Frozen by choice,
Damned if you don’t,
Damned if you voice,
Decisions easy,
Actions hard,
Analysis paralysis,
Progress is marred.

So why do you sit,
Alone in the dark,
Waiting for effort,
To make a fresh start,
Desperately seeking,
Motivational glee,
Analysis paralysis,
Suffocates thee.

You hurt in a way,
You cannot describe,
A frustrated plea,
That grates on your jibe,
Hopelessly trapped,
No rhythm to sway,
Analysis paralysis,
Enter decay.

Have you ever felt,
Frozen in time,
Nothing to hold you,
Only this rhyme,
Wanting to soar,
But crashing the bend,
Analysis paralysis,
When will it end.

© The Complicated Bunny – 22 Mar 2023