A month goes by in just a day,
And as emotions buck and sway,
They infiltrate survival mode,
And overwhelm my calm abode.

A year goes by in just a week,
Exhausted I can barely speak,
Frustrated by too much to share,
I feel as if I’m barely there.

In just a second life explodes,
And activates my anxious nodes,
My progress quickly lain to waste,
With mind as thick as concrete paste.

And one more week, a decade’s flown,
I’m still a child with trauma grown,
And time has never been a friend,
Life’s just distraction till the end.

Then for a minute it would seem,
This clarity is not a dream,
As time goes by and moments pass,
I’m living in a giant glass.

© The Complicated Bunny – 24 Mar 2023