Things I’ve Learned

• Things my narcissistic family taught me…

You’ll always be last on the list,
In fact to us, you don’t exist,
Unless we need a toy to flush,
It’s fun to watch your spirit crushed,

And boundaries, now what are they,
We take and take, that’s how we play,
Do as you’re told or face the rage,
Cause mum is boss of this here cage,

You only breathe cause we say so,
We’re more important don’t you know,
Your job is to be seen not heard,
We always get the final word,

So know your place, it’s all your fault,
No matter what, you’re such a dolt,
You’re always wrong, it is your fate,
To be subjected to our hate,

You’re not allowed to cry and moan,
So grow up, mask your tears at home,
We do not care about your life,
You’re just the scapegoat for our strife,

We never even wanted you,
And told our mum this much is true,
A girl will wreck our lives for sure,
And so we punished you some more,

You’re just a slave, no more no less,
To clean up all our filthy mess,
You’re lucky that we share our beat,
You could be living on the street,

Cause you are stupid and a pain,
Not worthy of our smug refrain,
A loser till the end for sure,
The family joke we do abhor,

And don’t be eating off our plate,
She feeds us first, you have to wait,
Our favourite foods belong to us,
But sometimes we may share a crust,

You have no status in this tribe,
Don’t bother finding ways to hide,
Your mother has complete control,
She loves us boys, she loathes your soul,

And if you ever find the track,
To freedom, we will pull you back,
You can’t escape your destiny,
To care for mum, while we are free.

• Things therapy has taught me…

I am a person on this earth,
And finally I know my worth,
I do not owe the world a thing,
My heart and soul deserve to sing,

And no more will I give and give,
My boundaries are how I live,
And keep the crazy from my door,
You troglodytes have lost the war,

For I am now a mighty voice,
Armoured with the right of choice,
You never were the boss of me,
For inside I was always free,

It never ever was my fault,
I was the kid, you, the adult,
I’m glad I am the black sheep too,
I’d hate to ever be like you,

I do not care for your detest,
Your soul will never be at rest,
But I know I will be just fine,
Because I have the gift of rhyme,

To guide me past your petulance,
I’ll cry and laugh and run and dance,
For I am worthy of a life,
That’s free of your bullshit and strife,

I know you never wanted me,
It’s funny how the world can see,
The only good you ever did,
Was giving birth to this here kid,

And I will make it on my own,
It never really was a home,
The hero needed, to be whole,
Is finally within my soul,

I always was smarter than you,
My heart is pure, my spirit true,
The truth cannot be locked away,
It always has the final say,

For now I stand with head held high,
My wings are spread and I will fly,
No more will I let fear succumb,
My happiness is number one,

But you, you’re just an empty thief,
Who only ever brought me grief,
No longer are you in control,
I am the ace, I own the hole,

And one last thing, before I go,
There’s something that you ought to know,
My ‘family’ are wretched stains,
With narcissism in their veins.

© The Complicated Bunny – 25 Mar 2023