I Like Myself

I like myself, I think I’m kind,
I almost choked on lemon rind,
T’was fed by narcissistic fools,
And yet I harbour nothing cruel.

I like myself, I think I’m smart,
My intellect is world’s apart,
From those who swim in shallow pools,
And build their lives with blunted tools.

I like myself, I’ve gifted ways,
That keep me entertained for days,
I run, I play, I write, I dream,
My talents bursting at the seam.

I like myself, my soul ignites,
Whenever passion fills my light,
I know my flaws, I know my worth,
I own them all on this green earth.

I like myself the way I am,
It brings me hope when life’s a sham,
That I have power over choice,
To gain my strength through inner voice.

And when the lies of madness speak,
And drive me back to feeling weak,
They cannot take my fearless heart,
Which loved me from the very start.

© The Complicated Bunny – 30 Mar 2023