Dusty Trails

Into the woods my soul takes flight,
I could not stand another night,
Of urban bustle in my head,
It fills my mind with fear and dread.

Along the trail my spirit soars,
This is the place my heart adores,
Not stuck inside a musty room,
Where health declines from rapid gloom.

Towards the summit laughter reigns,
As melancholy quickly wanes,
And leaves me with a sense of peace,
For in this realm the battles cease.

Beneath the clouds I dance with joy,
For therapy is nature’s ploy,
I wander on the path remiss,
For times I felt the leach’s kiss.

Unto the heavens I ascend,
Each mountain a triumphant end,
That washes me with happy waves,
And leaves me mesmerised for days.

Along the creeks I wander free,
For this is how it’s meant to be,
Just me and nature both as one,
Enjoying life beneath the sun.

Into the woods my soul takes flight,
As sunset turns my day to night,
I venture home as twilight sails,
My freedom found on dusty trails.

© The Complicated Bunny – 16 Apr 2023