What Is It

What is it that you want from me,
For I am not so sure,
I thought that you believed in me,
But washed up ever more,
Is where I find my confidence,
Like driftwood on the shore,
I try to fight, but lacking might,
Is madness I deplore.

What is it that you see in me,
For I am just confused,
Do I have qualities so masked,
Or are you just bemused,
Because I speak of challenges,
That leave me broke and bruised,
I am afraid, my debt’s been paid,
There’s nothing left to lose.

What is it that you hear from me,
When voices choose to speak,
Am I aloof or just a spoof,
A parody so weak,
That people seem to never mind,
Nor grant the cheer I seek,
I wonder, do I blunder,
When I turn the other cheek.

What is it that you wish for me,
From life and all it’s knocks,
Am I to be forgotten,
Watching time escape it’s clocks,
Or am I chasing promises,
The world within me blocks,
I hesitate, as fortune’s fate,
Is bound by rusty locks.

What is it that you want from me,
For I am still afraid,
That madness is my captor,
And the darkness in me weighed,
Like concrete in an hour glass,
My soul bereft and strayed,
I try to fight as day turns night,
But hope’s begun to fade.

© The Complicated Bunny – 16 Apr 2023