Once Again

Once again I cannot sleep,
My head is full of wounded sheep,
From jumping over nightmare’s fence,
Into a world that makes no sense.

Once again I cannot breathe,
My mind’s frivolity unsheathed,
Preventing movement head to feet,
Like drowning slow in wet concrete.

Once again I cannot touch,
The positives of life and such,
It feels as if a thought absurd,
Is laying waste to every word.

Once again I cannot see,
The optimism haunting me,
A fierce wave of deep mistrust,
Has turned belief to ash and dust.

Once again I cannot cry,
Frustrations hellish by the by,
Emotions swelling in my throat,
The black dog surely loves to gloat.

Once again I cannot sleep,
I broke the fence and freed the sheep,
For always I was meant to roam,
Where nightmares call my madness home.

© The Complicated Bunny – 17 Apr 2023