Life is punishment it seems,
Just twisted convoluted dreams,
A labyrinth of never minds,
That arc and coil against the grinds,

Revealing the decaying worth,
Of rotten toil and wasted mirth,
Where time reveals a jaded ruse,
The only option left to lose,

For luck was never on my side,
A trove of disappointments hide,
Where angels always feared to tread,
Locked up inside this weary head,

And I am lost though safe within,
This stormy sphere I choose to spin,
A manic mask and sullen eyes,
Alert the world to my demise,

You see there is no future here,
Where crazy comes to buck and jeer,
Just torment wrenching every thought,
‘Til words are left with no retort,

Yes life is punishment it seems,
A labyrinth of musty dreams,
No matter where I choose to hide,
The madness will be by my side.

© The Complicated Bunny – 17 Apr 2023