The world rewards the fake and loud,
Ignoring truth within the crowd,
Pretentious shallow offerings,
Are what ignite the friendship strings.

The world applauds the toxic voice,
That pushes narcissistic choice,
And all the while the silent light,
Are dodging egos left and right.

The world abides the status climb,
The rich get rich, the rest decline,
Equality, a constant sigh,
The price of freedom way too high.

The world consents to social norms,
And slams the gate on those in storms,
You needn’t bring your baggage here,
For burdened boats are hard to steer.

The world rejects the lonely soul,
No kindness spared to make us whole,
Just stigma and the awful truth,
That tore the innocence from youth.

The world rewards the fake and loud,
I’m lost beneath its shallow crowd,
I doubt that life will make amends,
For all the while the world pretends.

© The Complicated Bunny – 18 Apr 2023