Hard To Admit

It’s hard to admit,
When your peg doesn’t fit,
And the stress is consuming your soul,
So now with chagrin,
We are destined to spin,
Off the face of the earth as a whole,
The drama was set,
And we cannot forget,
All the ponderous feelings that dole,
When balance holds blame,
And your label’s insane,
You’re living a tenuous role.

It’s hard to break free,
When you’re showered in glee,
That is wrapped with belligerent view,
Pretension runs rife,
When you’re dealing with strife,
And the positive toxins they spew,
It hurts you to think,
When you’re drowning in drink,
And the meds are perplexing you too,
Oh how can you deal,
When the world isn’t real,
Just a planet infested by blue.

It’s hard to make sense,
When you’re bitter and tense,
For another achievement is lost,
You gave it your all,
Nothing left but to fall,
Into madness, oh boy, what a cost,
It never was meant,
For your straight to be bent,
When the details were cleverly glossed,
You never can be,
The old portrait of me,
With your sanity brutally tossed.

It’s hard to feel peace,
When your illness won’t cease,
And emotions are stirring the pot,
I’d like to believe,
There is time to achieve,
But I fear I have conquered my lot,
The me that was old,
Would not ever be told,
That a dream was too hard to be got,
But now I attest,
That my illness knows best,
And the well of me has lost the plot.

It’s hard to admit,
When your peg doesn’t fit,
And the stress is consuming your whole,
But in order to strive,
You must first be alive,
For it’s not worth the death of your soul,
There will come a time,
In your rhythm and rhyme,
When you’ll find a new dice you can roll,
So settle back in,
Let adventure begin,
There are mountains that crave a new goal.

© The Complicated Bunny – 19 Apr 2023