Selfish Salutations

The world revolves around you,
And that smug pretentious grin,
You’re like a thorny splinter,
Moving underneath my skin,
I try to keep my head up,
But I never seem to win,
‘Cause selfish salutations,
Are the only thing you spin.

You always have it your way,
Whilst our needs are overlooked,
All hail the Queen, she rules the scene,
Affection must be booked,
And woah the soul who questions,
For their goose is truly cooked,
When selfish salutations,
Are the bait that lays the hooked.

I’ve never met a person,
Without empathy like you,
And strike a light, you’re always right,
I fall for that one too,
It seems the web you weave,
Is just a narcissistic glue,
With selfish salutations,
Sticking underneath my shoe.

The world revolves around you,
That is very plain to see,
I cannot get a word in,
When your lies are running free,
But still I hold my head up,
You can’t stop me being me,
For selfish salutations,
Fuel the spark to set me free.

© The Complicated Bunny – 20 Apr 2023