Everything’s a trigger,
When the crazy’s at your door,
You try to fight with all your might,
But pain wants to explore,
The ins and outs of raging doubts,
That haunt you to your core,
When lizard brain has no refrain,
The trigger strikes once more.

Everyone’s a trigger,
When the manic mind awakes,
It drives a need at bullet speed,
To neutralise the fakes,
But tension brings dissension,
When the conversation breaks,
Your mind at war, holds court no more,
When triggers up the stakes.

Everywhere’s a trigger,
When depression flys the flag,
It’s in the dark where shadows bark,
That fear begins to brag,
A fragile mask provides an ask,
When deep inside you sag,
But woe betide the gendered ride,
When triggers come to gag.

Everyday’s a trigger,
When your life’s a lot like mine,
Emotions spin the world you’re in,
And health is past decline,
And narcissism schism,
Is the line that isn’t fine,
The trigger’s always bigger,
When the bully has no spine.

© The Complicated Bunny – 27 Apr 2023