Expressions can be lessons,
If you open up your mind,
Renounce the hate that storms the gate,
And freedom you will find,
For once the narc that filled your dark,
Has withered and declined,
Your voice that’s true can shout anew,
And leave the past behind.

An utterance of clutterance,
Can quickly skew the heart,
Unless you hence a quick defence,
To break the source apart,
Don’t listen when they glisten,
For their words can form a dart,
That punctures every function,
Till there’s nowhere left to chart.

A declaration forms a nation,
Still we’re yet to see,
That power gains a tower,
Over humankind’s decree,
And woe the soul that dug a hole,
No privileges for thee,
There’s something bent with government,
When people can’t be free.

Assertions cast aspersions,
When the ignorant abound,
And if your ride is pushed aside,
The stigma is profound,
With mental health a floating shelf,
The system truly drowned,
There’s little hope for ways to cope,
When life has gone to ground.

An idiom presidium,
Can quash the silent voice,
A rigid book can overlook,
When justice makes its choice,
So do observe with some reserve,
Who instantly rejoice,
For sometimes life can offer strife,
Even for Rolls of Royce.

A statement can be blatant,
And this simple prose of mine,
Existed in a moment,
I was lost in manic time,
But words beget a heart’s regret,
With sentimental chime,
Sometimes the word may be absurd,
At least the verses rhyme.

© The Complicated Bunny – 30 Apr 2023