Scattershot, it is the plot,
When mania abounds,
There is no room for feelings zoom,
As crazy makes the rounds,
No need for sleep, but souls do weep,
When swollen by the pounds,
Yes scattershot, it is the plot,
I’m silenced by its sounds.

Overjoy, was once the ploy,
But it was just a joke,
For life can be a comedy,
And cause a heart to choke,
So never mind the humankind,
Whose judgements are bespoke,
Yes overjoy, was once the ploy,
But now it’s blowing smoke.

Underhand, engulfed the land,
And now we are a race,
Of liars, cheats and processed meats,
No substance left to grace,
It’s instant high to satisfy,
No quality or space,
Yes underhand, engulfed the land,
And we have lost our face.

Scattershot, became the plot,
But madness ran away,
And hid itself upon the shelf,
To fight another day,
But as for now, I’m stealing wow,
And thundering my way,
Yes scattershot, once held the plot,
But I will hold today.

© The Complicated Bunny – 30 Apr 2023