Family’s Only Family

Family’s only family,
If there’s fondness of the heart,
When bloodlines become rancid,
Then the whole thing falls apart,
And life becomes survival,
From their trauma laden darts,
No room for understanding,
When the narcissism starts.

Friendship’s only friendship,
When it is a two way street,
Acceptance must be balanced,
Or I’ll mount a fast retreat,
Respect, support & kindness,
Are not qualities you cheat,
The truth is if you cannot love,
Then I choose not to meet.

Enemies are enemies,
But frenemies are worse,
They complement in public,
Then they stab you with a curse,
Eventually their colours show,
The conversation terse,
I’ve no more time for those in line,
To condescend my verse.

Acquaintance is acquaintance,
When the lines are never blurred,
But move beyond to friendship,
And the complications stirred,
Can lead towards a frenemy,
Where families are heard,
To say that blood is thicker,
But I think they’re all absurd.

© The Complicated Bunny – 01 May 2023