Dark Side Of The Moon

There is no doubt
When demons shout
And shadows fill your soul
You’re walking through
A damaged view
Where halves cannot be whole
And bitter sorts
Malign your thoughts
Where chaos fears to loom..

Engulfing all that’s madness
On the dark side of the moon

The mind you shake
Where headaches quake
Is bleeding deep within
Its faction
Losing traction
As the crazy strikes your chin
The voices heard
Through punished word
Have silenced every room..

With sanity in question
On the dark side of the moon

And deep your cost
Was freedoms lost
When tragedy befell
The life you knew
Has fallen through
The rabbit hole from hell
But now you must
Survive mistrust
It’s over all too soon..

The reaper dances wryly
On the dark side of the moon

So summon haste
To forfeit waste
For time is running out
The years tick bye
As childhoods cry
And dreams are turned to drought
But efforts sought
Are journeys caught
So write another tune..

And dare to face adventure
On the dark side of the moon

© The Complicated Bunny – 02 May 2023