A Creative Life

A creative life, that’s free of strife,
Now wouldn’t that be great,
Caress beneath the wilderness,
And watch my mind partake,
Poetic cheer to quell the fear,
Where artistry meets fate,
A guitar strum to fight the glum,
With freedom to create.

A gifted heart, oh where to start,
When chances do abound,
To run a trail where mountains sail,
And dreams are to be found,
Or play a song that rights a wrong,
With lyrics sweetly sound,
To soak the air of nature’s fair,
Would surely keep me ground.

A healthy soul, no rabbit’s hole,
My spirit free of chaff,
Bipolar, you have stole her,
But I got the final laugh,
The dark you sold was turned to gold,
By magic from my staff,
I wield it high and say goodbye,
To doing things by half.

A creative life, that has no strife,
What wonders that would bring,
Degrees of rhyme frozen in time,
Warm memories to cling,
On old guitar, which holds by far,
The greatest songs to sing,
A beating heart, a fresh new start,
A life with everything.

© The Complicated Bunny – 04 May 2023