The World Is Too Busy

The world is too busy,
Creating a vibe,
That humans are feeling,
They have to ascribe,
We’re told who to be,
What to say, how to dress,
But no one is helping us,
Deal with the stress.

The world is too busy,
With shallow rejoice,
While those of us wounded,
Are losing our voice,
Berated for sadness,
Belittled by shame,
As the hollow majority,
Battle for fame.

The world is too busy,
Disposing of truth,
On the rat race of life,
We are losing our youth,
To traumas and tragedies,
Violence and pain,
It is time for the tears,
To be cleansed by the rain.

The world is too angry,
We need a reprieve,
I am sick of the blood,
Being wiped on my sleeve,
Imagine some kindness,
Erasing the wrong,
I’m pretty sure that,
Was the gist of a song.

The world is too busy,
Too tired, too lost,
And living the dream,
Seems to come at a cost,
If only acceptance,
Could bring us the high,
We wouldn’t be chasing,
Humanity’s lie.

© The Complicated Bunny – 05 May 2023