Sensory Overload

Sensory overload,
Smashing my brain,
Too loud to be quiet,
Too mad to be sane,
Emotions are screaming,
My skin is a crawl,
It’s too late at night,
To be taking a fall.

Sensory overload,
Spinning so fast,
The world moving on,
While my mind’s in a cast,
I fumble and stumble,
Their voices so loud,
Was there any real point,
To be chasing the crowd.

Sensory overload,
Whispers that sting,
I try to be calm,
But I hear everything,
I feel the anxiety,
Eating my flesh,
It’s drumming my blood,
Through a chaotic mesh.

Sensory overload,
Cannot lay still,
I feel like my thoughts,
Are held ransom by thrill,
Raging and staging,
A plot to avenge,
With too many narratives,
Seeking revenge.

Sensory overload,
Savaged by light,
My spirit too weary,
To summon the fight,
My heart is so heavy,
My head such a mess,
Sensory overload,
Sick of distress.

© The Complicated Bunny – 07 May 2023