Manic Musings

Manic musings, oh so deep,
It’s true I found the castle keep,
From whence I shout my raging rhyme,
To spare the thunders of our time.

Manic musings, oh so rich,
My madness loves to flick the switch,
I may be lost, but spirit found,
A way to keep the troubles round.

Manic musings, oh so fraught,
‘Twas light and liberty I sought,
But I’m afraid the darkness won,
And sent me hurtling t’wards the sun.

Manic musings, oh so clear,
Bipolar is a bitch to steer,
These words have passed my lips before,
Though wide awake, I’d sooner snore.

Manic musings, oh so rough,
I know I’m made of tougher stuff,
But when the crazy sucks me in,
Compliance is my only win.

Manic musings, oh so loud,
My mind rejects the screaming crowd,
That echoes in between the lines,
Where trauma lurks like twisting vines.

Manic musings, oh so fast,
I’m cast ashore with broken mast,
Spinning off the earth’s delight,
Emotions swelling up with fright.

Manic musings, oh so terse,
I dance between the vowels and verse,
Forever witty with dismay,
Insanity the price I pay.

Manic musings, oh so deep,
I stand amidst the castle keep,
And still my shouts of raging rhyme,
Will thunder till the end of time.

© The Complicated Bunny – 09 May 2023