When mental illness stunts your drive,
Do things to help you feel alive,
There’s no time left, the end will come,
So wander free, embrace the sum,

Of every joy you ever felt,
And every feeling ever melt,
Don’t hesitate to chase the high,
Revealed within that coloured sky,

For colours are your best defence,
When melancholy shouts pretence,
And shadows you with shades of gloom,
Just slam the door and leave the room,

For outside is your looking glass,
Where air is drawn in nature’s class,
And safety rises from the deep,
Providing warmth and hopes to keep,

And words become a way to heal,
Your battered soul as wounds reveal,
The way to truly starve the beast,
Is spoiling its capricious feast,

Returning the internal drive,
By chasing what keeps you alive,
And feeling that this life you live,
Has so much more still yet to give.

© The Complicated Bunny – 14 May 2023