Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Sim and I am The Complicated Bunny.

Poet, photographer and tortured soul, this site is a gathering of all the eclectic creativeness I can muster through my keyboard and camera lens. Encouraged to write again by my therapist after a 20 year hiatus and also deciding to rekindle my passion for photography, I needed to find a safe haven. So this is it.

Being touched with bipolar disorder and complex ptsd, these visions and verse are part of my self healing journey and escape from struggle. A way to explore the fire and ice without being burnt or frozen. It is not always a fun ride, but it’s never boring and you are welcome to join me for as long as you can hold onto the rail.

So go grab a coffee, sit back and enjoy the adventure. I promise it won’t be dull!

Thanks for visiting,

Sim 🙂