The Prison

I’m held within a prison,
That the world is blind to see,
And walls cannot be broken,
For my soul to wander free,
It’s hidden in a musty realm,
The gaoler filled with glee,
The rules forever changing,
And a lock that holds no key.

I’m stuck inside a dungeon,
Medieval torture calls,
With terror and revulsion,
Dripping from its nasty walls,
The hatred eating through my flesh,
The rusted shackle mauls,
Reminding me my ship has sailed,
Blown forth by violent squalls.

I’m trapped inside a living hell,
That toys with head and heart,
Emotions cruelly twisted,
In a game that rips apart,
The truth of my existence,
And the sanity I chart,
It’s clear that life is brutal,
With no future from the start.

I’m held within a prison,
And the world forever blind,
Was never really bothered,
As I slowly lost my mind,
No empathy, just circumspect,
For crazy’s what you’ll find,
I’m held within a prison,
And the guard is so unkind.

© The Complicated Bunny – 18 Nov 2022

It’s Been A Few Weeks

It’s been a few weeks,
Since my words busted free,
Escaping this prison,
Of tormented scree,
That lives in the lines,
Of contemptible glee,
Yes it’s been a few weeks,
Since I penned a new plea.

It’s been a few weeks,
Since my feet trampled earth,
Instead I’ve been stuck,
In this bubble of mirth,
Amassing the cost,
Of debatable worth,
Yes it’s been a few weeks,
Since I questioned my birth.

It’s been a few weeks,
Since I cared for a bite,
That didn’t have sweetener,
Drowning my sight,
My IBS causing,
Such horrible blight,
Yes it’s been a few weeks,
Since I swallowed my plight.

It’s been a few weeks,
Since my words busted free,
I cannot remember,
When time was a spree,
Instead of this mirror,
Where visions decree,
Yes it’s been a few weeks,
Since I’ve recognised me.

© The Complicated Bunny – 18 Nov 2022

It Surely Makes You Wonder

It surely makes you wonder,
When your head is all a miss,
Will darkness rule your weary mind,
Or turn your thoughts to bliss,
And even if the night is bright,
Will madness draw it’s kiss,
Yes it surely makes you wonder,
When you stand at the abyss.

It surely makes you contemplate,
When days just like today,
Are tossing raw emotions,
Into anxious disarray,
But then you find a friendly ear,
That lets you have your say,
Yes it surely makes you contemplate,
How blue skies conquer grey.

It surely makes you mindful,
When you find where you fit in,
No longer scared to be yourself,
Or live inside your skin,
And joy can come from darkness,
If you only let it win,
Yes it surely makes you mindful,
When the victories begin.

It surely makes you grateful,
When your heart and soul align,
And trails go on for miles,
Beneath a canopy divine,
Where footsteps mark the beat,
For nature’s majesty to shine,
Yes it surely makes you grateful,
When those comforts intertwine.

It surely makes you wonder,
When your head is all a miss,
Will darkness rule your mind,
And take you into the abyss,
Or will you run some mountains,
And embrace adventure’s bliss,
Yes it used to make me wonder,
Now I long for nature’s kiss.

© The Complicated Bunny – 19 Oct 2022

Med Dread

Can’t breathe, can’t think,
Feel as though I’m on the brink,
Take a pill, still not calm,
Fighting thoughts that do me harm.

Cold night, cold air,
Trapped within a hollow stare,
Want to fly, want to flee,
I hate the world for judging me.

Weary soul, weary head,
I’m not ashamed of wounds I’ve bled,
Lost in crazy, lost insane,
My words are all that will remain.

Can’t sleep, can’t blink,
I’m drowning but I cannot sink,
The side effects of life’s cruel game,
Are running through my wayward brain.

Chase joy, chase fun,
In dreams by chance I choose to run,
The roller coaster speeds ahead,
As meds regale their awful dread.

© The Complicated Bunny – 29 Sep 2022

The Cuckoo’s Nest

The cuckoo’s nest is so sublime,
It fuels my captivating rhyme,
With intertwining highs and lows,
And manic muse that ebbs and flows,

It’s padded with a wealth of age,
That sublimates each turning page,
Illuminating thoughts within,
Still buried underneath my skin,

Like chapters of a torrid past,
Which act like sails upon a mast,
And steer me through the rugged tides,
Where vast adventure surely hides,

And beckons me to chase the light,
Releasing fears that of the night,
Do cripple with their silent rage,
And pledge this world a mortal stage,

But one in which my feet are ground,
And tuned towards a peaceful sound,
That rises from the water’s edge,
Caressing nature in its pledge,

To guarantee a better life,
That sheds this convoluted strife,
Immersing senses here and now,
Where harmony does take a bow,

And guides the hapless towards hope,
Where hearts align and spirits cope,
On nature’s trails where fear is best,
Tossed back inside the cuckoo’s nest.

© The Complicated Bunny – 26 Sep 2022

Toxic Positivity

It’s toxic positivity,
These platitudes they speak,
Designed to put themselves at ease,
And flabbergast the meek,
Another form of ridicule,
No empathy just gloat,
I swear if one more person chants,
I’ll punch them in the throat.

It’s toxic positivity,
We struggle not the same,
A thought, a quote, a notion,
Often driving me insane,
Dismissed for negativity,
Placated for my tries,
To hide behind a happy face,
Is nothing short of lies.

It’s toxic positivity,
In atmospheric tense,
‘Cause all these candied gratitudes,
Are just a wire fence,
Encasing false bravados,
Shaming truths that lie within,
Unless you face reality,
You’ll never truly win.

It’s toxic positivity,
These Pollyanna chides,
Unless you sensor feelings fraught,
The world around you hides,
We’re all in this together,
It will work out in the end,
But only if you’re silent,
When the platitudes extend.

It’s toxic positivity,
But I am not bemused,
I feel the way I feel,
And my resolve will not be fused,
With bitter sweet harmonics,
That upset my repartee,
Come running with your toxic joy,
And watch me aptly flee.

It’s toxic positivity,
These platitudes they speak,
To hide behind a happy mask,
Is surely for the weak,
We do not struggle equally,
My rage and anger free,
The pain that lies within my soul,
That makes me truly me.

© The Complicated Bunny – 21 Sep 2022

Another Planet’s Hell

There’s some who say this world,
Maybe another planet’s hell,
A place that screams injustice,
Where a necromancer’s spell,
Has fear denouncing happiness,
And hearts rejecting joy,
Where souls are weeping labyrinths,
Perplexed by evil’s ploy.

There’s some who say this world,
Is begging for a greater stage,
It’s nestled near oblivion,
It’s actors fraught with rage,
With chaos brimming all around,
And darkness that entombs,
Malevolence and tragedy,
Where hurt forever looms.

There’s some who say this world,
Was broken far too long ago,
As narcissism fills the cracks,
The fear and hatred grow,
It’s such a bane existence,
Lives divided by their spills,
A wasteland filled with malcontents,
That search for shallow thrills.

There’s some who say this world,
Is what annihilation brings,
A plane of self destruction,
Waiting patient in the wings,
To wipe out all the innocence,
That filters light throughout,
By heaving persecutions,
That this life could do without.

It might be true, this world maybe,
Another planet’s hell,
But I prefer to hold regard,
Where Nature chimes Her bell,
To summon all the goodness,
That exists ‘tween sky and ground,
For I will blaze Her trails,
Until all freedoms have been found.

© The Complicated Bunny – 20 Sep 2022

Existential Sh*t

Is there a point where we belong,
A plan that’s somehow writ,
Where joy alone meets happiness,
And darkened caves are lit,
Where effort brings reward,
And all the pieces start to fit,
Or is this life we’re living,
Just some existential sh*t.

Is falling down the rabbit hole,
A means to summon grit,
Where struggle meets tenacity,
And urges fight to quit,
By validating suffering,
From feelings we admit,
Or is this life we’re chasing,
Just some existential sh*t.

Is rumination of the past,
A waste of space and spit,
Where anger rages endlessly,
Comedic in its skit,
A parody of future spawned,
And present we omit,
Or is this life we’re fighting,
Just some existential sh*t.

Is chasing new horizons now,
The way to stay legit,
A mountain path, a forest trail,
Both places to commit,
Where mind and body move as one,
And troubles start to split,
Or is this life we’re running,
Just some existential sh*t.

© The Complicated Bunny – 16 Sep 2022

Tethered To Sanity

I’m tethered to sanity,
Coming undone,
I long to feel joy,
But this life isn’t fun,
Trapped in a void,
Where my energy’s done,
I need to escape,
But there’s nowhere to run.

I’m tethered to sanity,
Moods hit and miss,
Just one choice away,
From destroying the bliss,
I travel the world,
Near immortal abyss,
I need to be free,
But my thoughts are remiss.

I’m tethered to sanity,
Snakes in the grass,
This illness is constantly,
Chewing my ass,
My spirit now broken,
Like decadent glass,
I need to choose hope,
But I’ve reached an impasse.

I’m tethered to sanity,
Madness my will,
Do I crawl up a mountain,
Or skip down a hill,
Will the efforts reward,
My emotional spill,
Yes I’m tethered but somehow,
Embracing the thrill.

© The Complicated Bunny – 14 Sep 2022

Manic Panic

Manic panic wound so tight,
I feed on fear that haunts the night,
Where upside down becomes my plight,
And madness takes the reins full flight.

Manic panic full of need,
My wounds can only weep and bleed,
I flee but I am never freed,
Because the darkness plants it’s seed.

Manic panic too much pain,
I’m trapped beneath the constant bane,
That fuels the heartache of the sane,
And leaves them sodden in the rain.

Manic panic way too fast,
This life was meant to be a blast,
Instead the die was never cast,
And I was left to finish last.

Manic panic rays so bright,
The sun is an amazing sight,
Don’t fly too close you’ll catch alight,
And burn from your co-morbid plight.

Manic panic no one’s there,
I’m trapped behind a savage glare,
That hides a face of great despair,
They never said life would be fair.

Manic panic eyes that glaze,
You curse dissociated daze,
Inside your head the fires blaze,
And wait for anhedonic haze.

Manic panic wound too tight,
My mind is summoned by the night,
To try and solve my weary plight,
But life is just a bitter fight.

© The Complicated Bunny – 14 Sep 2022