It’s just no use there’s nothing left,
I’m scattered far awaiting death,
My mind feels like a wire cage,
Please help me mitigate this rage.

I’m falling damaged on the shelf,
My thoughts so ravaged by this wealth,
Of fear that stifles all I breathe,
Please help me free the wounds I bleed.

Nights are drawing in on me,
I’m trapped and can no longer see,
The light which shone on years gone by,
With broken wings you cannot fly.

The hope has left this wretched soul,
There is no joy to make me whole,
Abandoned with nothing to give,
I’m losing fast this will to live.

It’s just no use there’s nothing left,
My head insane, my heart bereft,
Both drowning in traumatic swell,
I’m scattered in a living hell.

© The Complicated Bunny – 14 Aug 2022

The Trauma Onion

Trauma’s like an onion,
And with every layer peeled,
You shed some tears, expose some fears,
And cringe at what’s revealed,
Then cut into the surface,
Even though it’s newly healed,
Yes trauma’s like an onion,
Where the pangs of shame are sealed.

Trauma’s like a crystal ball,
All fogged with second sight,
You search for soul, within that hole,
Not always finding light,
And when you see a vision,
Chances are it’s full of fright,
Yes trauma’s like a crystal ball,
Where shadows haunt the night.

Trauma’s like a lemon rind,
All pungent to the taste,
The foulness hung, upon your tongue,
It sticks like bitter paste,
And when you try to swallow,
Feelings gag on toxic waste,
Yes trauma’s like a lemon rind,
With memories not so chaste.

Trauma’s like a big balloon,
It’s filled with heated air,
Too much flop, the thing goes pop,
You’re left with vacant stare,
And once it bursts a seam,
Your life is drained of savoir faire,
Yes trauma’s like a big balloon,
Emotions running bare.

Trauma’s like an onion,
And with every layer peeled,
You have the chance, to make a stance,
And soothe what is revealed,
Each breach into the surface,
Means a wound’s becoming sealed,
Yes trauma’s like an onion,
But the damage can be healed.

© The Complicated Bunny – 11 Aug 2022

Bipolar Dance

Stuck in a bipolar dance,
I fly from the seat of my pants,
My efforts are funny,
My nose slightly runny,
I’m trapped in a perilous trance.

Stuck in a bipolar berth,
I spin off the face of the earth,
I slip and I slide,
In a hellish divide,
That separates sorrow from mirth.

Stuck in a bipolar streak,
This crazy is not for the meek,
Existing in panic,
Is simply tyrannic,
But bravery shelters the bleak.

Stuck in a bipolar rut,
The black dog is merely a mutt,
A bully with fur,
That’s more grizzle than grrr,
Unless he is chomping your butt.

Stuck in a bipolar rant,
My anger is often piquant,
And rage can be spicy,
The frustration dicey,
When spiralling into a chant.

Stuck in a bipolar dance,
My fantasies brim with romance,
With sanity fleeting,
My heart starts a beating,
Is madness a lover by chance?

© The Complicated Bunny – 05 Aug 2022

Two Worlds

Hear we stand,
Between two worlds,
A foot in each,
A heart unfurled,
A soul ablaze,
Without remorse,
A star that drifted,
Way off course.

Here we fight,
To stay alive,
Emotions steeped,
In overdrive,
A mind bereft,
Of days gone bye,
A loaded thought,
That’s do or die.

Here we lay,
A beaten path,
We struggle in,
The aftermath,
Of truths untold,
Of fictions spread,
That haunt beliefs,
Within our head.

Here we fall,
A broken shell,
That brought us to,
The depths of hell,
A desperate voice,
An empty stare,
That fabricate,
A world somewhere.

Here we stand,
Between two worlds,
A foot in each,
A spirit knurled,
A life ablaze,
With mad remorse,
A mind still drifting,
Way off course.

© The Complicated Bunny – 02 Aug 2022

The Ghost Of Me

The who I was to who I am,
Are worlds apart it seems,
The ghost of me exists because,
This life snuffed out my dreams,
I long for all those moments,
In the past where I stood tall,
Instead of chasing sunsets,
I am reeling from the fall.

The fall that crushed my chances,
Boarding gateways into hell,
The ghost of me just floating,
Like an empty beaten shell,
Nowhere to go, no how to be,
Nor able to respond,
To life that leaves me drowning,
In an open sewerage pond.

And yet a plea does tease within,
It sends me round the twist,
For how can hope be living,
In a world that won’t exist,
Outside the bounds of darkness,
Where a light cracks through a door,
Behind which lies in solitude,
A life that’s never more.

Still madness trickles in my head,
As swords are rusted bare,
Like wounds that bleed a sadness,
For a life no longer there,
The ghost in me exhausted,
From such unrelenting thirst,
Can only muster courage,
For one final desperate burst.

So fast unto the breach I sail,
The ghost in me perplexed,
At why I even bother with,
Emotions fraught and vexed.
Surrender seems the only way,
To break apart these chains,
But still I’m stuck in chaos,
Where the ghost of me remains.

© The Complicated Bunny – 31 Jul 2022


My mind is my asylum,
I am trapped within its walls,
It’s full of broken moments,
Which capitulate my falls,
There are no open windows,
Only cracks that show decay,
And if the light shines through,
It doesn’t last more than a day.

My heart is my asylum,
I am trapped within its beat,
Just floating in a ventricle,
No way to find my feet,
I drown beneath the surface,
As my lungs begin to flood,
I’m dying from the lack of hope,
Which permeates my blood.

My skin is my asylum,
I am trapped within its fold,
Reacting to each happenstance,
With rage and bitter cold,
I’m recklessly self conscious,
Every wrinkle duly spent,
To push away a world,
That drips with hideous lament.

My soul is my asylum,
I am trapped in its expanse,
So fractured is my fairytale,
It flattened true romance,
And dumped me into chaos,
No apologies at all,
I’d love to rise above it,
But the pain ignites my fall.

This world is my asylum,
I am trapped within its lies,
I thought I had the answers,
But my life is filled with spies,
Who celebrate my crazy,
And perpetuate the hoax,
That madness in society,
Is fodder for their jokes.

My mind is my asylum,
And I bounce within its walls,
My moods may not be mellow,
But they cushion deadly falls,
And I may never conquer,
Melancholic fuelled debate,
But you can keep your normal,
I prefer my crazy plate.

© The Complicated Bunny – 29 Jul 2022

Blue Days, Black Nights

Caught within depression’s curse,
Blue days, black nights, make it worse,
Sinister, a cloud of doom,
I’m forced inside its murky room,
Wretched with a foul decay,
No chance for me to have my say,
A stench no one would care to breathe,
Blue days, black nights, no reprieve,

And yet I fight to stay alive,
Blue days, black nights, make me strive,
For every shard of joy that lands,
Within my weather beaten hands,
And lifts my eyes towards a light,
That slivers in the dead of fright,
And stands against the morbid clutch,
Blue days, black nights, feel my touch,

And pull me to another place,
Blue days, black nights, out of space,
Where curses do not dictate time,
Nor choose the reason of my rhyme,
Where I am free to walk my path,
Not crippled by the aftermath,
Of manic dreams and bleak remains,
Blue days, black nights, no more pains,

To punish me on endless roads,
Blue days, black nights, sunken loads,
That fracture madness of the mind,
Perpetuating truth unkind,
But I know there are hidden perks,
Amongst the woe where chaos lurks,
Some gems that I intend to use,
Blue days, black nights, poet’s muse,

Caught within depression’s curse,
Blue days, black nights, I’ve seen worse,
Sinister, but nothing new,
A piece of gum beneath my shoe,
That melts eventually in time,
And offers me a chance to rhyme,
To rid my soul of all the sad,
Blue days, black nights, not so bad.

© The Complicated Bunny – 28 Jul 2022


Abandon all hope,
Ye who enter my realm,
I lord over darkness,
Where souls overwhelm,
No joy for tomorrow,
Just pain for today,
Abandon ye hope,
And embrace the decay.

Abandon all peace,
Ye who enter my world,
Your life became mine,
When the madness unfurled,
Just chaos and drama,
And moods come to bear,
Abandon ye peace,
For there’s only despair.

Abandon all nerve,
Ye who enter my sphere,
I decimate courage,
And feed on your fear,
No goals for the future,
Just dreams up in flames,
Abandon ye nerve,
And demolish these games.

Abandon all thought,
Ye who enter my zone,
I favour destruction,
And anarchy blown,
No sanity lurking,
The depths of mankind,
Abandon ye thought,
And relinquish your mind.

Abandon all purpose,
Ye never will win,
Thy manic depression,
Is greater than sin,
I rule over darkness,
I long for decay,
Abandon ye hope,
For the pain of today.

© The Complicated Bunny – 26 Jul 2022


Savage thoughts that rule my mind,
The madness curse is so unkind,
No cure for rancorous inclined,
Where fear and hell are intertwined.

Savage moods that wound my heart,
And pick the torrid lies apart,
For darkness is the path I chart,
The deepest hole is where I start.

Savage words that stomp my soul,
There is no mirth to fill this hole,
My innocence a burning coal,
Which convolutes this bitter role.

Savage doubts that wreck my dream,
I wonder how it all must seem,
To those possessing self esteem,
My life is but a fractured theme.

Savage rage that fuels my doom,
I’m thrust into a ghastly room,
That empties in a sea of gloom,
I’m drowned by the decaying fume.

Savage thoughts that are maligned,
My quest is to escape this bind,
But madness is a curse unkind,
So I will likely lose my mind.

© The Complicated Bunny – 18 Jul 2022


I can confess to feeling strange,
In times when judgements rearrange,
And prudence calls for the estrange,
Of moods that echo higher range.

I can confess to being bored,
When gloom becomes my overload,
And traps me in a callous horde,
Where actions drown in stupor poured.

I can confess to opting out,
When wisdom raises words to flout,
And life portrays a barren drought,
Entrenched with shallow dread and doubt.

I can confess to staying put,
When vast adventures are afoot,
My drive has simply gone kaput,
And left me shrivelled in the soot.

I can confess to crashing hard,
As life plays out its joker card,
Identity a broken shard,
With nothing left behind to guard.

I can confess to going mad,
Where crazy balances the sad,
And feats of glum turn almost glad,
To be insane is not so bad.

I can confess to feeling strange,
And in my heart I rearrange,
The wants and needs of life’s estrange,
That bring about immortal change.

© The Complicated Bunny – 17 Jul 2022