I love the ocean. I love to smell and taste the salty air, feel the sea breeze on my skin, and listen to the crashing waves against the shore. Standing on a rock shelf absolutely transports me into another realm.

No matter how severe my mood is upon arrival, when I’m at the coast, my heart feels happy, my mind feels calm and my soul feels connected. It’s definitely where I feel most at home and most at peace.

Some of my favourite places to visit are the Mornington & Bellarine Peninsulas, especially in Spring when the rock shelves are covered in green seaweed. There is so much to explore and every adventure brings something new to capture.

I hope my images can transport you there, so you can feel even a little of what it’s like to be surrounded by such beauty.

Thanks for visiting.

Dusk – Mornington Peninsula, VIC


Smokey Waters – Mornington Peninsula, VIC

Smokey Waters

Montfort’s Beach – Mornington Peninsula, VIC

Montfort’s Beach

Montfort’s Moods – Mornington Peninsula, VIC

Montfort’s Moods

Evening Flows – Mornington Peninsula, VIC

Evening Flows

Evening Rush – Mornington Peninsula, VIC

Evening Rush

Surge – Mornington Peninsula, VIC


From Heaven To Earth – Mornington Peninsula, VIC

From Heaven To Earth

On Edge – Mornington Peninsula

On Edge

Ebb & Flow – Mornington Peninsula, VIC

Ebb & Flow

The Heart Of The Sea – Mornington Peninsula, VIC

The Heart Of The Sea

Dragon’s Teeth – Mornington Peninsula, VIC

Dragon’s Teeth

Tempest – Mornington Peninsula, VIC


Turbulent – Mornington Peninsula, VIC


Rush – Mornington Peninsula, VIC


Sink Hole – Mornington Peninsula, VIC

Sink Hole

In The Beginning – Bellarine Peninsula, VIC

In The Beginning

Transcend – Bellarine Peninsula, VIC


Soulvation – Bellarine Peninsula, VIC


Scoop – Bellarine Peninsula, VIC


Whiplash – Bellarine Peninsula, VIC


Sullen Skies – Bellarine Peninsula, VIC

Sullen Skies

Dark Tides – Bellarine Peninsula, VIC

Dark Tides

Distant Dreams – Bellarine Peninsula, VIC

Distant Dreams

Debris – Bellarine Peninsula, VIC


Misty Dreams – Bellarine Peninsula, VIC

Misty Dreams

Shine – Bellarine Peninsula, VIC


Vibrant Moods – Bellarine Peninsula, VIC

Vibrant Moods

Edge Of Forever – Bellarine Peninsula, VIC

Edge Of Forever

Eroded Dreams – Bellarine Peninsula, VIC

Eroded Dreams

Flynn’s Rocks – Port Macquarie, NSW

Flynn’s Rocks

Macquarie Moods – Port Macquarie, NSW

Macquarie Moods

Treasure – Port Macquarie, NSW


Icarus – Port Macquarie, NSW