I love trees. I especially love dead gum trees. The shape, the gnarled wood, the character they hold even though their life has long since parted from this earth.

The amazing trees in these pics are situated in one of my favourite places to view a majestic sunset. I call it, The Tree Graveyard. I always feel so alive and connected when I hang out there.

Every time I visit, the sky is painted a different colour, reminding me, we should enjoy each beautiful moment while it lasts, because it will never come again.

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Marbled Sky – Redesdale, VIC

Marbled Sky

Fire & Ice – Redesdale, VIC

Fire & Ice

Feeling Blue – Redesdale, VIC

Feeling Blue

Colour My Reflection

Colour My Reflection

Dead Lonely – Redesdale, VIC

Dead Lonely

Twisted Drama – Redesdale, VIC

Twisted Drama