The Covid Blues

Wear your mask,
And get your jabs,
And heed the bloody news,
I’m telling you,
You do not want,
To catch the Covid blues,
A hacking cough,
A rasping chest,
No energy to spare,
The Covid blues,
Will leave you with,
A beat up deathly stare.

I thought things,
Would be different,
I was fit and running free,
But then the bloody
Covid blues,
Began to fracture me,
A dizzy spell,
A fevered night,
My balance out of whack,
With nose,
And throat infected,
There is just no turning back.

The Covid blues,
Have got me,
I feel miserable and weak,
You never want,
To feel this way,
Take note of what I speak,
For people,
Will be sheeple,
And the Covid blues will spread,
So wear,
Ya bloody mask,
And be responsible instead.

© The Complicated Bunny – 26 Apr 2022