Existential Sh*t

Is there a point where we belong,
A plan that’s somehow writ,
Where joy alone meets happiness,
And darkened caves are lit,
Where effort brings reward,
And all the pieces start to fit,
Or is this life we’re living,
Just some existential sh*t.

Is falling down the rabbit hole,
A means to summon grit,
Where struggle meets tenacity,
And urges fight to quit,
By validating suffering,
From feelings we admit,
Or is this life we’re chasing,
Just some existential sh*t.

Is rumination of the past,
A waste of space and spit,
Where anger rages endlessly,
Comedic in its skit,
A parody of future spawned,
And present we omit,
Or is this life we’re fighting,
Just some existential sh*t.

Is chasing new horizons now,
The way to stay legit,
A mountain path, a forest trail,
Both places to commit,
Where mind and body move as one,
And troubles start to split,
Or is this life we’re running,
Just some existential sh*t.

© The Complicated Bunny – 16 Sep 2022

Tethered To Sanity

I’m tethered to sanity,
Coming undone,
I long to feel joy,
But this life isn’t fun,
Trapped in a void,
Where my energy’s done,
I need to escape,
But there’s nowhere to run.

I’m tethered to sanity,
Moods hit and miss,
Just one choice away,
From destroying the bliss,
I travel the world,
Near immortal abyss,
I need to be free,
But my thoughts are remiss.

I’m tethered to sanity,
Snakes in the grass,
This illness is constantly,
Chewing my ass,
My spirit now broken,
Like decadent glass,
I need to choose hope,
But I’ve reached an impasse.

I’m tethered to sanity,
Madness my will,
Do I crawl up a mountain,
Or skip down a hill,
Will the efforts reward,
My emotional spill,
Yes I’m tethered but somehow,
Embracing the thrill.

© The Complicated Bunny – 14 Sep 2022

Manic Panic

Manic panic wound so tight,
I feed on fear that haunts the night,
Where upside down becomes my plight,
And madness takes the reins full flight.

Manic panic full of need,
My wounds can only weep and bleed,
I flee but I am never freed,
Because the darkness plants it’s seed.

Manic panic too much pain,
I’m trapped beneath the constant bane,
That fuels the heartache of the sane,
And leaves them sodden in the rain.

Manic panic way too fast,
This life was meant to be a blast,
Instead the die was never cast,
And I was left to finish last.

Manic panic rays so bright,
The sun is an amazing sight,
Don’t fly too close you’ll catch alight,
And burn from your co-morbid plight.

Manic panic no one’s there,
I’m trapped behind a savage glare,
That hides a face of great despair,
They never said life would be fair.

Manic panic eyes that glaze,
You curse dissociated daze,
Inside your head the fires blaze,
And wait for anhedonic haze.

Manic panic wound too tight,
My mind is summoned by the night,
To try and solve my weary plight,
But life is just a bitter fight.

© The Complicated Bunny – 14 Sep 2022

Insane, Outsane

Insane, Outsane
Time is a consummate thief
It lines all your pockets with madness
And leaves you left holding the grief

Insane, Outsane
Danger embracing your heart
You summon the courage to enter
Foundations are falling apart

It’s hard to be sane when your crazy
The madness controlling your view
Society deems you are damaged
Emotions are broken in two

And yet there is room for forgiveness
This life is the life that you know
And normal is way overrated
When fantasy puts on a show

Insane, Outsane
Seconds are slipping away
Emotions are left to determine
Which thoughts are controlling the day

Insane, Outsane
Windows now summon your view
Inside is a limit on reason
Outside is adventure to chew

It’s hard to be sane when your crazy
The madness controlling your view
Society deems you are damaged
Emotions are broken in two

And yet there is room for forgiveness
This life is the life that you know
And normal is way overrated
When fantasy puts on a show

© The Complicated Bunny – 29 Aug 2022

Fighting Wars

Fighting wars on many fronts,
Abuse, the hammer of the grunts,
That wield their cowardice en masse,
And trap you in a deep crevasse,

Where life is struggle to and fro,
The hardest ploy which way to go,
To shake the fierce tormented wreck,
Of fists that wrap around your neck,

And squeeze until you cannot bear,
The dark and unrelenting stare,
Of narcissistic smug refrain,
That twists inside your weary brain,

And as you pry your spirit loose,
They only tighten up the noose,
The rules are changing evermore,
And there are none to hear you roar,

And so you slowly drown in grief,
And bitterness, for time’s a thief,
That steals the savvy of your youth,
And plants an unforgiving truth,

That life is fraught where chaos reigns,
Let history reveal the pains,
For enemies will mask their stunts,
You’re fighting wars on many fronts.

© The Complicated Bunny – 27 Aug 2022

How Fast We Plummet

How fast we plummet yes indeed,
Breaking apart at rapid speed,
A heart and soul destined to bleed,
Which longs to be forever freed.

How fast the madness fills the mind,
My destiny now so inclined,
To drown amongst the dreaded kind,
That suffocate beneath the grind.

How fast a trigger brings decay,
I’m stalked at night like weakened prey,
With madness found I lost my way,
The colour drained and trapped in grey.

How fast emotion cripples time,
I spin upon a rusted dime,
And wonder what befalls my climb,
To live this life is such a crime.

How fast the crazy fills our soul,
I want the life this illness stole,
For growth is not a lovely stroll,
It’s peril searching for a role.

How fast we plummet yes indeed,
This world was never ours to bleed,
We break apart at rapid speed,
And long to be forever freed.

© The Complicated Bunny – 15 Aug 2022


It’s just no use there’s nothing left,
I’m scattered far awaiting death,
My mind feels like a wire cage,
Please help me mitigate this rage.

I’m falling damaged on the shelf,
My thoughts so ravaged by this wealth,
Of fear that stifles all I breathe,
Please help me free the wounds I bleed.

Nights are drawing in on me,
I’m trapped and can no longer see,
The light which shone on years gone by,
With broken wings you cannot fly.

The hope has left this wretched soul,
There is no joy to make me whole,
Abandoned with nothing to give,
I’m losing fast this will to live.

It’s just no use there’s nothing left,
My head insane, my heart bereft,
Both drowning in traumatic swell,
I’m scattered in a living hell.

© The Complicated Bunny – 14 Aug 2022

The Trauma Onion

Trauma’s like an onion,
And with every layer peeled,
You shed some tears, expose some fears,
And cringe at what’s revealed,
Then cut into the surface,
Even though it’s newly healed,
Yes trauma’s like an onion,
Where the pangs of shame are sealed.

Trauma’s like a crystal ball,
All fogged with second sight,
You search for soul, within that hole,
Not always finding light,
And when you see a vision,
Chances are it’s full of fright,
Yes trauma’s like a crystal ball,
Where shadows haunt the night.

Trauma’s like a lemon rind,
All pungent to the taste,
The foulness hung, upon your tongue,
It sticks like bitter paste,
And when you try to swallow,
Feelings gag on toxic waste,
Yes trauma’s like a lemon rind,
With memories not so chaste.

Trauma’s like a big balloon,
It’s filled with heated air,
Too much flop, the thing goes pop,
You’re left with vacant stare,
And once it bursts a seam,
Your life is drained of savoir faire,
Yes trauma’s like a big balloon,
Emotions running bare.

Trauma’s like an onion,
And with every layer peeled,
You have the chance, to make a stance,
And soothe what is revealed,
Each breach into the surface,
Means a wound’s becoming sealed,
Yes trauma’s like an onion,
But the damage can be healed.

© The Complicated Bunny – 11 Aug 2022

Bipolar Dance

Stuck in a bipolar dance,
I fly from the seat of my pants,
My efforts are funny,
My nose slightly runny,
I’m trapped in a perilous trance.

Stuck in a bipolar berth,
I spin off the face of the earth,
I slip and I slide,
In a hellish divide,
That separates sorrow from mirth.

Stuck in a bipolar streak,
This crazy is not for the meek,
Existing in panic,
Is simply tyrannic,
But bravery shelters the bleak.

Stuck in a bipolar rut,
The black dog is merely a mutt,
A bully with fur,
That’s more grizzle than grrr,
Unless he is chomping your butt.

Stuck in a bipolar rant,
My anger is often piquant,
And rage can be spicy,
The frustration dicey,
When spiralling into a chant.

Stuck in a bipolar dance,
My fantasies brim with romance,
With sanity fleeting,
My heart starts a beating,
Is madness a lover by chance?

© The Complicated Bunny – 05 Aug 2022

Two Worlds

Hear we stand,
Between two worlds,
A foot in each,
A heart unfurled,
A soul ablaze,
Without remorse,
A star that drifted,
Way off course.

Here we fight,
To stay alive,
Emotions steeped,
In overdrive,
A mind bereft,
Of days gone bye,
A loaded thought,
That’s do or die.

Here we lay,
A beaten path,
We struggle in,
The aftermath,
Of truths untold,
Of fictions spread,
That haunt beliefs,
Within our head.

Here we fall,
A broken shell,
That brought us to,
The depths of hell,
A desperate voice,
An empty stare,
That fabricate,
A world somewhere.

Here we stand,
Between two worlds,
A foot in each,
A spirit knurled,
A life ablaze,
With mad remorse,
A mind still drifting,
Way off course.

© The Complicated Bunny – 02 Aug 2022