The Sun Is Too Loud

Come hither, come hither, and see all the fun,
For here stands before you, the perilous one,
I know not a fortune, nor things to be proud,
A sideshow of nothing, the sun is too loud.

With reckless abandon I shadow the world,
My knuckles lay carelessly bleeding and knurled,
My words are rejected and shunned by the crowd,
The silence is fleeting, the sun is too loud.

Emotions are spiralling out of control,
I’m dragged down the throat of an ominous hole,
Too dark to see danger, I’m gripped by a shroud,
Abandoned and choking, the sun is too loud.

There’s fire ants burrowing under my skin,
Alighting sensations of which I’m akin,
Misfortune unleashed through a billowing cloud,
The fear is electric, the sun is too loud.

Distinct persecution and paranoid themes,
Are frequent reminders of harrowing dreams,
Rumoured departure from life disavowed,
To fight for surrender, the sun is too loud.

Senses dramatically heightened and blurred,
It’s hard to find meaning in thought or in word,
Committee’s intent on becoming endowed,
A mind losing traction, the sun is too loud.

Chaotic endeavours seducing my heart,
Endearing insanity breaking apart,
Ambiguous feelings, tumultuous curse,
The sun is too loud and I’m all out of verse.

© The Complicated Bunny – 10 Oct 2020

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