The Prison

I’m held within a prison,
That the world is blind to see,
And walls cannot be broken,
For my soul to wander free,
It’s hidden in a musty realm,
The gaoler filled with glee,
The rules forever changing,
And a lock that holds no key.

I’m stuck inside a dungeon,
Medieval torture calls,
With terror and revulsion,
Dripping from its nasty walls,
The hatred eating through my flesh,
The rusted shackle mauls,
Reminding me my ship has sailed,
Blown forth by violent squalls.

I’m trapped inside a living hell,
That toys with head and heart,
Emotions cruelly twisted,
In a game that rips apart,
The truth of my existence,
And the sanity I chart,
It’s clear that life is brutal,
With no future from the start.

I’m held within a prison,
And the world forever blind,
Was never really bothered,
As I slowly lost my mind,
No empathy, just circumspect,
For crazy’s what you’ll find,
I’m held within a prison,
And the guard is so unkind.

© The Complicated Bunny – 18 Nov 2022

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