Show Up

No matter what the day doth bring,
No matter how the moods doth swing,
No matter what you feel inside,
No matter where your thoughts do ride,

No matter how your body feels,
No matter what the aches reveal,
No matter where your goals may lay,
No matter where you are today,

No matter what the weather holds,
No matter if your spirit’s cold,
No matter if the dog is caged,
No matter if you feel the rage,

No matter where your heart resides,
No matter what your soul abides,
No matter if you’re feeling lost,
No matter where you meet the cost,

No matter what the war inside,
No matter where the peace may hide,
No matter what the haters say,
No matter what your mind belays,

No matter what the journey takes,
No matter where your footsteps quake,
No matter what you have to do,
Get up, Show up, and see it through.

© The Complicated Bunny – 08 Oct 2020

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