Zombie Brain

I cannot think clearly,
I’m still half asleep,
It’s one in the arvo,
I’m balled in a heap,
I want to drive forward,
I’m stuck in reverse,
My head full of concrete,
The zombie brain curse.

The neurones are firing,
But shoot the wrong way,
I’m desperately trying,
To have my own say,
But fog mists about,
Like a thick winter brew,
No cells are complying,
The zombie brain stew.

My body is frozen,
I can’t move an inch,
I’m caught between coma,
And muscles that flinch,
The apathy’s grating,
My nerves are amiss,
Too late for complaining,
The zombie brain kiss.

It’s five in the arvo,
My head starts to clear,
By now I’m exhausted,
From trying to steer,
My mind in directions,
That bring about hope,
It’s all superficial,
The zombie brain dope.

It’s now seven thirty,
And I’m wide awake,
What a shame it’s now time,
In my meds to partake,
Just an hour or two,
I will sleep like the dead,
And arise in the morning,
With zombie brain head.

© The Complicated Bunny – 02 Nov 2020

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