I dream of great things,
But my mind is a tear,
All battered and bruised,
I’m stuck in a dare,
Move forward, move back,
But never stand still,
Keep grinding your way,
To the top of that hill.

I hunger for nothing,
There’s nothing I need,
My wounds are exposed,
Some are starting to bleed,
To cover them now,
Is to cover the truth,
I’ve bared all I have,
Now I’m long in the tooth.

I push for a time,
My repentance is clear,
I’ve made some mistakes,
But to this you must hear,
I accept all my failures,
And celebrate life,
Even though I was destined,
For plenty of strife.

And never was hope,
A perpetual find,
I search and I search,
But the world appears blind,
To every moment,
That passes my way,
I stumble and fall,
Clearly tossed to the fray.

But even in chaos,
Some peace can exist,
A fleeting reminder,
To open my fist,
And offer a hand,
For a soul to be freed,
A heart full of kindness,
Is all that you need.

I dream of great things,
But my mind is a tear,
To wallow in pity,
Is too much to bear,
For dreams need a dreamer,
And minds need to cope,
I dream of great things,
With my heart full of hope.

© The Complicated Bunny – 26 Mar 2021

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