Don’t Judge Me

Don’t judge me or my crazy ways,
Or how I ramble on for days,
My thoughts may stumble in a haze,
But I am keeper of the maze.

Don’t judge me for the times I fail,
Or if my views are worn or stale,
Sometimes I feel the need to bail,
Forgiveness is a lonely trail.

Don’t judge me if I fall from grace,
I’m often miles behind the pace,
Sometimes the world’s more rat than race,
It’s good to find much needed space.

Don’t judge me if I let you down,
I know there’s times I act the clown,
Beneath the smile reveals a frown,
I’ve always worn the thorny crown.

Don’t judge me or my way of life,
Opinions cut me like a knife,
I try to keep away from strife,
Sometimes the wounds are far too rife.

Don’t judge me for my deep unrest,
I try to do my very best,
When culture rules the sullen quest,
I conquer fears to pass my test.

Don’t judge me for my mental maze,
It keeps me mesmerised for days,
And should I stumble in a haze,
Don’t judge me for my crazy ways.

© The Complicated Bunny – 20 Oct 2021

This poem is the third in a series of prose about boundaries, which are essentially conversations with myself. Yet another homework assignment from my clinical psychologist, designed to help me recognise my own personal boundaries so I can form healthy relationships moving forward.

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